Wool Laptop Shield

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“Laptop Shields” - 100% Felted Wool 

These comfortable shields fit easily under your electronic devices. They provide the protective properties of pure wool to shield sensitive areas of your body from the damaging vibrations from electronic devices. Fortunately, they also provide natural insulation from the heat generated by laptops and netbooks and an efficient fire retardant incase of battery fire. Wool Laptop shields are light weight and easy to slide into your laptop or netbook bag so they are always at hand. A great gift idea for anyone who uses electronic devices while reclining or rests these devices on any area of their body. Grown, designed and made in the USA

Size: Standard (10x13)

Material: Locally grown in Wyoming, 100% natural wool - felted and blocked.

Care: Gentle wash - flat or tumble dry. Do not use Chlorine Bleach.



"After listening to your interview on Messianic Lifestyles Radio, my father just so happened to find a large lump on his inner thigh about 5 inches from his groin - exactly where he sets his Laptop.  Still pending exact diagnosis but we ordered the Laptop shield for him the next day." Grateful Daughter,  Sonoma County, Calif.