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Ladies Caftan in 100% Linen is great for lounging, to throw
on after a shower or even as a comfy nightgown.

God commanded the priests in ancient Israel to wear pure linen.  Modern research has confirmed that 100% pure linen is a healing fabric and pure linen products promote health throughout our bodies.  Our bodies are bombarded by electrical frequencies that can result in disturbances to our health.  Our 100% linen products and 100% wool products help restore the human body to health.

Check out our linen and wool Life Shield products for information on increasing your physical vitality. If you are interested in more information on the complete offerings of any of our vendors (they are amazing!) see our suppliers list.  And you will want to read the testimonials about our linen products on our FAQs tab to understand why 100% linen products are so important. to your health and healing.

For those of you who are new to the site and have questions about why pure linen or why 100% wool or why essential oils or why tzitzit - read our FAQs.  It will also cover how to care for your linen products.  For any questions or further information contact us at
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