Linen Kids/Teens Undershirt ($26-$36)

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“Restoration Wear – Kid’s & Teens Linen Undershirt”

These 100% Linen undershirts (bias cut for comfortable fit) provide the restorative properties of 100% Linen next to your children’s skin, worn solo in the heat or under any of their favorite clothes.  With health challenges facing so many, we believe the benefits of 100% linen to be a vital shield against the unknown, an aide to keeping our little ones healthy and vibrant. Consistent wear could strengthen immune systems to maintain a “not-welcome” sign to many conditions. Comfortable and cool, your children won’t want to get dressed without them, ours won’t. 

Known as the “Fabric of Life”, 100 % pure LINEN is elegant, beautiful and durable. Flax linen possesses truly exceptional hygienic properties that heighten its value in consumer products: including, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and hypo-allergenic. Flax fabric can protect against chemical exposure, reduces solar gamma radiation by almost half and can be an effective barrier against some diseases.  According to Japanese studies, patients using linen bedding did not develop bed sores.  Linen was also beneficial in treating skin disorders and inflammatory conditions.  Linen is strong, smooth and has natural lustrous wax content, providing a sensation of gentle, natural relief. The more linen is washed, the softer and smoother it becomes.

Sizes:   Kids X-Small    (18/24 mo, W 25, L 14 ½)        
           Kids Small       (3/4, W 27, L 16)                           
           Kids Medium    (5/6, W 28, L 17 ½)                         
           Kids Large       (7/8, W 30, L 18 ½)                                
           Teen Small       (9/10,   B/W 32 , L 21)
           Teen Medium    (11/12,  B/W 34, L 22)
           Teen Large       (13/14,  B/W 36, L 23)

Color: White

Material: 100% woven, light weight Linen. Designed and created in the USA, fabric imported.

Care:     Wash before using – Do not use chlorine bleach.  First time use: Our products are made to “shrink to fit”.  Machine wash and tumble dry on medium to shrink your linen appropriately.  For general care:  Wash on gentle in cool water with natural cleaners.  Line or flat dry is good for fabric longevity. If you choose to tumble dry, partial dry on low as linen dries quickly. Lengthen the life of your linen by reducing exposure to chlorine and other chemicals.


“My children LOVE their linen undershirts.  They won't get dressed without them.  Even my 22 month old will ask for her "linnnennn".  My 5 year old son thinks that she is "addicted to it".  I can see a difference in all three of my children’s health and temperature comfort levels.  They will choose to wear their linen undershirts over any other regular shirt, especially on a hot day they run around in just their linen. On a cold day the linen undershirt helps keep them warm and their internal temperature at its optimal level for good health. My 22 month old will actually dig through the clean laundry pile for all the linen undershirts of her older siblings and try to put them on!!  My 3 ½ yr old says  "Wonderful wonderful linen! I love it!
Mom of 4 busy little ones that all love their linens -  LALA in CA


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