Linen Breast Shields - Linen Bra Liner Inserts

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Linen Breast Shields - 100% Linen Bra liner inserts

These comfortable linen inserts fit easily into your bra as a linen liner. They apply the restorative properties of linen directly to an area of the body that most women are concerned about keeping healthy. These “Breast Shields” are a terrific way to maintain and increase the overall wellbeing of this sensitive area without giving up the comfort and support of your favorite bras.

Known as the “Fabric of Life”, 100 % pure LINEN is elegant, beautiful and durable. Flax linen possesses truly exceptional hygienic properties that heighten its value in consumer products: including, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and hypo-allergenic. Flax fabric can protect against chemical exposure, reduces solar gamma radiation by almost half and can be an effective barrier against some diseases.  According to Japanese studies, patients using linen bedding did not develop bed sores.  Linen was also beneficial in treating skin disorders and inflammatory conditions.  Linen is strong, smooth and has natural lustrous wax content, providing a sensation of gentle, natural relief. The more linen is washed, the softer and smoother it becomes.

Sizes: A, B, C, D, DD, F Cups

Material: 100% woven, light weight Linen. Designed and created in the USA, fabric imported.

Care: Wash before using - Machine wash - flat or tumble dry. Do not use Chlorine Bleach. (for best results with smaller items, Hand wash, finger press where needed and flat dry)



“I have been wearing the breast shields for about 2 months now and I have noticed 2 major differences -  1) My breasts have a pleasant warm sensation and 2) the irritation from the under wires in my bra is non-existent when wearing the shields. I love them – they even make my favorite bras more comfortable!” Cobb Mountain, California

“I am 35 and was diagnosed with fibrocystic breast disease a number of years ago - I regularly get large, painful lumps in my breasts. I started wearing the breast shields about 3 months ago in combination with essential oil application and have had an amazing response. The hard lump (about the size of a walnut) started to soften within a few weeks and had all but disappeared within 6 weeks. The oils alone showed some improvement but adding the linen shields was like a super charge effect. I wear the shields almost every day and am now sleeping in linen as well to keep my vibration up 24/7.  I believe these shields may be the answer to my breast health issues and I thank you ladies for this wonderful product.” Sacramento, California


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