J4KL - Jeweled Tzitzit

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"Jewels 4 Kingdom Living - Jeweled Tzitzit"

What lady doesn't like a little extra sparkle?? These Jeweled Tzitzit offer another fun and feminine way to wear Tzitzit, and be reminded of your commitment to G-d and that you are the pearl of His eye. These jewelry pieces attach by your choice of Lobster claw clasps or slip knot lanyards, and are easy to add to your favorite tallit, outfit or belt loop, being super easy to attach/remove.

We use a variety of crystals, gem stones (amethyst, peridot, garnets) and pearls and either gold or silver finish metal beads and clasps. You can choose from various designs listed/pictured or request custom colors/designs. Most of my designes include at least one pearl. These are jewelry pieces and are on the delicate side, best used for special occasions or on prayer shawls. I use the strongest materials I know of but do guarantee against breakage with normal use of delicate items, offering free repairs if needed.

Comes in sets of 4 - Please specify your choice of clasp or lanyard attachments, color and material choice and finish option of gold or silver.

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