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DIY Clay Masks

Posted by Ily Nunn on

Hey there, it's Ily again! 

I have had the best experience with DIY Clay Masks and just had to share! Why pay high prices for fancy masks when you already have everything you need to make your own? Folks, my grandma is a faithful wearer of these clay masks, and I have to tell's obvious. Grandma's skin is soft, bright and youthful. So lets get into it!


You only need 2 ingredients, 2-3 tsp. of clay powder (I'm using local Bentonite Clay Powder) and water!

Put the clay powder into any small container and then mix in water until you reach a thickness that is spreadable. If you want to you can add in honey, oatmeal, yogurt or essential oils... get creative!

Now you're ready to slather it on your face, this gets messy!    


                      Before                                    During                                        After

I usually leave my mask on for 20 minutes, but sometime's I get busy and it turns into more like 30 or 40 minutes. Don't worry if you've accidentally left it on too long! Simply dab your face with a warm wash cloth, this hydrates the clay and makes it easy to wash off.

When I'm ready to wash the mask off I start with warm water and a wash cloth. I finish with a cold water rinse and seal the deal with moisturizer!

If you are like me, then mixing the ingredients for one mask can easily turn into more than enough for two masks. Just store the leftovers for another mask later that week!

I work a lot outside, and every time I come back from a long day in the sun I can see the wear and tear on my skin. Wrinkles and sun spots galore. These masks have been great for my skin! I can actually see tighter and brighter skin after each mask...that's just 20-30 minutes of magic ya'll!

Thanks for tuning in everyone! I can't wait to hear how your DIY Clay Masks turn out!



P.S. Tune in next time to learn more about my experience adding Trace Minerals back into my water!

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