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Save The Lids!

Posted by Ily Nunn on

Greetings to all our Linen Lovers and my “natural” addict friends and family out there (hahaha) I recently discovered a fabulous solution and just had to share it!! 

Off and on for at least a year, I have struggled with red and itchy skin on my eyelids. This skin flakes off and leaves small red spots behind causing my eyelids to look bright pink. I tried moisturizers and none really worked. I then decided to stop wearing eye shadow all together. This did help, but it didn’t completely restore my lids to their former glory. Just a few months ago, my sister mixed some Frankincense oil in with Coconut oil for me to try. Wow, I can finally say that my lids are back to their smooth and clear selves. I still avoid eye shadow, but no more burning, flaking or redness!

Sooooo, this started me thinking….if it's great for my eyes, how about the dry patches across the rest of my face, right?!?

For a few years now, I have noticed that my skin gets dry and flaky, which is more noticeable when I wear powder coverage. Maybe it’s just Wyoming’s dry climate, but I have lived here my entire life! For the past year, I have really focused on wearing as little make up, in general, as possible. Let me tell you, I have noticed a huge difference! My skin is more clear and hydrated than it has been in years. I never realized how damaging makeup can be for your skin, especially makeup that is not natural or organic. Heavy makeup can cause irritation, allergic reactions, dryness and even lead to more sever skin damage. One of our next blogs I will touch on what ingredients to avoid in makeup and throw out some more natural and organic suggestions. Two of our family favorites currently for natural skin care, hair care and makeup products are and In a large family such as ours, there are many with skin issues, allergies, sensitivity to chemicals, and just an overall aversion to petroleum byproducts, carcinogens, bug juice, poisons, etc., having found these 2 sources for quality natural products has been a blessing. 

If you struggle with dry, flakey skin on your eyelids or face I would highly recommend that you try coconut oil with frankincense. Frankincense is not only good for sensitive skin, it also is anti-aging and clarifies skin tone among many other things. The addition of this mixture to your moisturizing routine will definitely give you noticeable results! I can’t recommend enough that everyone try natural or organic makeup and skin care products. I have noticed that my skin looks so much healthier than it did when I wore lots of make-up and used products that were full of chemicals.

Have you created or found a fabulous natural product?? Please share your ideas and experiences as we all continue down this path to better skin, natural beauty, and ultimate health through cleaner living.

Shalom and Blessings! 

Ily Nunn

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