Flax & Linen Eye Mask

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“Flax & Linen Eye-Masks”


These 2-piece Flax & Linen Eye Masks are the bees knees – at least that is what our mother claims (long time eye mask user).  Created from your requests and feedback, we think we have gotten it right in design & comfort.  An inner flax-seed filled pillow fits inside a washable linen mask, with soft elastic strap. The flax seed filled inner pillow adds a little weight around the eye, protecting the eye itself from pressure and keeping it place, while the waxy smooth linen outer shield rests next to your eyes and is washable. For those looking to sooth sore overworked eyes, relieve watery itchy eyes, sooth dry eyes, sleep better or just light blocking at night, our Flax & Linen Eye masks are the answer.     Read our testimonials – lots of great stories of people using linen for improving eye conditions. 


Sizes:   Small (22)    Medium (23)    Large (24)

Colors: These come in a variety of colors, based on the fabric remnants we have available. You can request specific colors and we will do our best to accommodate. We stick with white/Natural for the inside and the underneath for the highest vibration value, but the outer can be any variety.

        (**replacement pillows are available and sold individually)


Material:  100% woven Linen, flax seed.  Designed and created in the USA, fabric imported.

Care:   DO NOT WASH INNER FLAX FILLED PILLOW – remove before washing.  For best results, wash outer mask only, by hand, flat dry.

   Natural detergents are recommended. Do not use chlorine bleach.