Here are some of the questions that come up most frequently about linen, wool  and our pure linen products.  If you have any specific questions that are not answered here, please contact us.  Who knows? Your question may be included here to provide guidance in the future!  Also see our product testimonials below these FAQs.

How do I care for my linen products?

Linen is a very robust fabric. Pure linen can be machine washed and dried. Never use Chlorine Bleach as it weakens the fabric, You can use OXYGEN Bleach occasionally on your white linen. Small linen items may wad up into small balls in the dryer that can be tricky to flatten. For small items, like our pure linen Breast Shields wash them in a lingerie bag and then air dry. The pure linen Breast Shields dry quickly and smooth easily. All larger items can be machine dried but for greatest longevity of your linen items, flat or line dry and snap the wrinkles out while still a bit damp. Linen finger presses beautifully while damp and then drys quickly.

If the Laptop Shields are made from pure wool - Are they scratchy?

No, our pure wool Laptop Shields are soft and comfortable, even against bare skin. Not only does the pure wool provide protection from the electronic vibrations from your laptop or netbook, but the thick, soft, pure wool pad insulates your skin from the heat. Using your electronic devices with a laptop shield becomes so much more comfortable while promoting  health to the reproductive areas of the body.

What if I need a size not listed?

If you are interested in a pure linen or wool product, but need a size that is not listed, please contact us and let us know. We are happy to work with you to create any linen or wool item to fit your needs.

Help! My linen product arrived stiff and hard. This is not what I expected.

Don’t panic. Our linen products are “shrink to fit”. When you receive your 100% pure linen item, machine wash and dry it. (For our Breast Shields, see the information above on “How do I care for my linen products.”). Linen will be soft and comfortable after being washed and linen continues to soften with continued washings.

What is your return policy?

We have a very generous return policy – the only requirement is that you try the product first – Yep, you heard me…wash it, wear it, let it grow on you, and if you still want to return the item, contact us within 30 days and we will accept it back and offer a full refund of the purchase price. Returned items between 30-45 days we offer a store credit.

When searching for linen on the internet, I noticed a lot of it says dry clean only. What is the difference in your linen that it is machine washable?

I think the answer is two-fold.

  1. Linen has always been washable, however, linen shrinks when first washed. We make our products with the shrinkage factored in so our linen products are  designed to “shrink to fit”.

  2. In times past, most people thought linen must be worn crisp. Today, linen is worn more casually and for comfort. There is no fabric that is more wonderfully comfortable to the skin, cool in summer and warm in winter than washed linen. Linen continues to soften with each wash, losing it stiffness and becoming ever more pliable.


We are considering buying your linen pillowcases.  However, we live where it gets very cold in the winter and have in the past, used wool blankets. Given what's been written about combining wool and linen, do you have any suggestions or input from others who might be in this same situation?Also I am considering the breast shields but have the same question regarding wool sweaters and pants...any insight would be helpful.

We have family that live in Wyoming, and yes that issue has arisen. I believe they have switched to cotton blankets for the time being. The odd thing is that others in that same area testing the sheet prototypes are reporting a complete change in sleeping temperatures.  With regular sheets - wife ran cold - husband ran hot, both are now perfectly comfortable using the linen sheets.  Linen is oddly cool in summer and warm in winter – I can’t really explain all that people are experiencing but we are just trying to share the stories so others can benefit as well.

There is much discussion about mixing wool & linen and you will hear many different opinions from biblical scholars. This issue has caused us much concern as well. Leviticus 13 discusses leprosy in garments, but identifies garments as either being made from wool or linen.  Leviticus 19:19 and Deuteronomy 22:11 both note that you should not wear a garment (singular) of wool and linen together. This seems clear that we shouldn’t mix the linen with wool in one cloth and then make it into clothes.  One item that has helped some people in determining how this should work is the description of the Tabernacle.  For many of us, the Tabernacle has come to be seen as a model of a heavenly truth as well as a model of us as human beings.  Exodus 26:1 notes that the tabernacle had curtains of linen and then verse 14 notes that the linen curtains were covered with ram skins dyed red.    We see in this case, a linen inner lining with a wool covering.  I guess the question would then be, would God cover His Holy House, in a way that the inhabitants were not allowed to cover themselves?  For us, we are committed to providing both 100% linen and 100% wool products separating plant fibers from animal fibers.  Each person will have to decide how best to follow the instructions our Father has provided.

One of the articles we have posted notes that when wearing wool and linen, the electronic frequencies will cancel each other out.  Yet the research does not state if it means blended together in one fabric or just wearing at the same time.  We also know that the people wearing all of the linen in scripture, still normally had leather shoes.  I wear leather shoes with my linen and still feel the energy from the linen and do not notice that the energy is lessened.  We do not use fabrics of mixed fibers and are trusting Him to lead us even further in His truth.

In regards to the breast shields – I would say 90% of the women who tried them in our test trials felt an almost immediate warming sensation, almost like a flush.  A few have even compared it to the “let down of milk” feeling when they were nursing mothers. That being said – I don’t know of any bras that do not have a variety of fibers used, some even fake.  It would seem the linen directly next to the skin is of benefit, no matter what other clothing you have on.  I personally wear linen next to my vital parts even when I am wearing other fibers elsewhere – I personally believe even if the vibration is lessened some it is still of benefit.