Belt Tallit - 100% Linen

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The Children of Israel were commanded to wear tzitzit (fringes) on the corners of their clothes.  Those believers today who decide to follow this commandment struggle with how best to follow it.  Besides the issues of whether they need to be visible, what color, and who is to wear them, there is the very simple issue of  “Corners – what corners?”

Our modern clothing does not provide many corners on which tzitzit may be attached.  Some people wear a traditional tallit katan (small tallit) undergarment or outer garment to which they attach their tzitzit.  We offer a belt tallit a four cornered accessory to which you may attach your tzitzit.  A belt tallit slips on to your belt and has many benefits:

  • Your tzitzit do not interfere with zippers, snaps or buttons
  • Your tzitzit do not get trapped in your waistbands
  • For people who prefer beaded or ornamental tzitzit, they hang in front eliminating the possibility of sitting on them
  • They are visible throughout the day reminding us of the blessings in following Yah’s word

This is one practical solution to the question of corners on our clothes.

Our Belt Tallits come with blue and white cotton thread cut in lengths to allow you to tie your own tzitzit and instructions for tying tzitzit in the Ashkenazi or Sephardic traditions.  You may also purchase linen or jeweled tzitzit or linen threads for tying your own. (pictured with jeweled Tzitizt attached – sold separately)

Standard Belt Tallit:  Measures 3.5” X  6” , with pre-cut button holes at all 4 corners.

Color options: Currently available in White & Natural Linen. Custom colors and embroidery designs are available by request – call to discuss details.