Bed Shields - 100% Linen DIY Sheet Kits ($99-$269)

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Bed Shield Kits - DIY 100% Linen Bed Sheet Kit:

Linen sheets retail from $400 – $1500 a set. We offer an alternative for those with some sewing skills. Our DIY “sheet set kits” come with all pieces pre-measured, cut and marked as needed. They are ready to assemble and use felled seams for added strength and durability. The kit comes with complete instructions and diagrams. You will receive all materials to create your own 100% linen sheets, at a fraction of the cost. The time consuming process of cutting out the large linen pieces has been done for you. Assembly time approximately 3-4 hours, based on size.

Linen Sheets allow you to immerse yourself in the restorative properties of 100% linen “up close and personal” while you sleep. Linen sheets feel invigorating and oddly wholesome. The texture of linen is stimulating to the whole body and is known to enhance and deepen sleep. They soften with each washing and last for years. They breathe with your body feeling alternately cool or warm as your body needs. Great for insomniacs or people who struggle to stay asleep. Read our testimonials; these sheets are very addictive!

Known as the “Fabric of Life”, 100 % pure LINEN is elegant, beautiful and durable. Flax linen possesses truly exceptional hygienic properties that heighten its value in consumer products: including, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and hypo-allergenic. Flax fabric can protect against chemical exposure, reduces solar gamma radiation by almost half and can be an effective barrier against some diseases.  According to Japanese studies, patients using linen bedding did not develop bed sores.  Linen was also beneficial in treating skin disorders and inflammatory conditions.  Linen is strong, smooth and has natural lustrous wax content, providing a sensation of gentle, natural relief. The more linen is washed, the softer and smoother it becomes.

While all of our sheets do have a center seam, it is virtually undetectable in use. Our sheet kits are cut extra deep to accomodate regular to deep pocket mattresses without a problem

Size:  Twin Kit (materials to make 1 twin fitted sheet, 1 twin flat sheet and 1 std PC)
         Double Kit (materials to make 1 double fitted sheet, 1 double flat sheet and 2 std PC)
         Queen Kit (materials to make 1 queen fitted sheet, 1 queen flat sheet and 2 std PC)
         King Kit (materials to make 1 king fitted sheet, 1 king flat sheet and 2 king PC)
         Cal King Kit (materials to make 1 Cal king fitted sheet, 1 Cal king flat sheet and 2 king PC)

Depth:  Standard (15 ")  or  Deep Pocket (18")

Colors: Available in both White and Natural shades. Additional colors available by special order.

Material: 100% woven linen. Designed and created in the USA, fabric importeed.

Care:  Wash before using – Do not use chlorine bleach.  First time use: Our products are made to “shrink to fit”.  Machine wash and tumble dry on medium to shrink your linen appropriately.  For general care:  Wash on gentle in cool water with natural cleaners.  Line or flat dry is good for fabric longevity. If you choose to tumble dry, partial dry on low as linen dries quickly. Lengthen the life of your linen by reducing exposure to chlorine and other chemicals.



“I have been a seamstress for many years and I wanted to get a special wedding gift for my daughter. I KNOW how much work the measuring and cutting can be, especially with large bulky items so when I saw your DIY kits, I was thrilled. They went together lickety-split and I was thrilled with the outcome. I got her a great wedding gift at a great price, even with a busy schedule.” Grateful Mom in California.

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